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Hello! <3


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Of course I'm still the iconist you all see here. I'm just into Smurfs as you already know. ^^

I figured it's about time I changed my image. However, I'm still going to keep my bunny mascot, Chusagi as part of my site because I still make icons. I will still be taking commissions, and I'll even do all other kinds too besides icons and pixels. Above all this, I'm just smurfy!

Kisses from the Iconist!! ^ 3 ^ ~ ♥

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My big sis: HappyKittyShop
My smurfy hero teammate: TeenSmurfette
My Pompom Kitties: Pussycat-Puppy
My Waifu: BlueHecate

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You can find more of these lovely icons by your's truly in my art gallery! ^ 3 ^ ~ ♥

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So Smurfy!!




:bulletpurple: Charmander getting his belly rubbed by Piplup for TommyGK :bulletblue:

:bulletpurple: A pixel of Delivery, Tapie, and Batista Smurf for student-yuuto

None so far! :meow:

None so far! :meow:


:bulletblue: = Paid
:bulletpink: = Not paid yet

So much to do.... So little time.... xDD

My Birthday


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My goal isn't much of your concern, but to help others if I wish to donate for something big in return.
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Please donate now!

No Point Commissions by SweetDuke

I'm sorry, but I do not take commissions for points. :(


Because if you do, you will be ignored and I will not give you any. I only give out points to those who "REALLY" deserve it.

And I need them for myself too you know...

Kisses! ^ 3 ^ ~ ♥


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Nov 26, 2014
9:05 am
Nov 26, 2014
6:44 am
Nov 26, 2014
6:38 am
Nov 26, 2014
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Nov 25, 2014
5:46 pm

Time for a new laptop and other updates!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2014, 8:22 PM

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm having some major issues with my laptop. Within the last few weeks it began to shut off on me as of last month. Then a week later it did the same thing. Now this week, it shut off on me 4 days in a row, especially when I was working on a commission. And I have been having difficulties trying to watch a video rather than on Youtube because it keeps slowing down on me. This happened this morning trying to watch a new episode of TMNT before it would air next week.

Well anyhow, I've had this laptop for 4 years now and it's already about to die out on me eventually... This is one of the reasons why I've been having trouble doing a livestream the last few times because I can't have any music playing, and other programs or my browser opened or else it will slow down on me and turn off my stream automatically. Speaking of, I'm sorry but I won't be doing anymore livestreaming until I've gotten a new laptop.

Yes, as of right now, I am in the process of getting a new laptop hopefully before the end of this year. I can't even video/voice chat with anyone on Skype because of how much CPU it uses which causes it to slow down my laptop. And everytime I watch a video on Youtube sometimes, it would slow down when I'm on another website and I would have to restart my whole system again. At least I have my iPhone in case I wanna use it to check my stuff. I've been mostly using it for my Twitter and Facebook rather than on my laptop mostly. It's much quicker and I check first thing.

I don't know when I'll be expecting to get a new one due to money, but I'm hoping to get another Windows 7. I'm not ready for the Windows 8 if some of my art programs I use are not compatible as of on the other operating systems.

And as far as the commissions and trades I still owe, I'll have to temporarily close any future commissions and trades for now until further notice. But I am still going to work on the ones on my list if my laptop can hold up longer. And I am planning on redoing my DA profile. Just not right now cause I'm afraid my laptop will shut off in the middle of doing so and I do need to plan what to do with it. But I will soon so I can make a couple of changes.

I am expecting to get a new computer chair, which is good since the one my mom ordered for me has a built-in back massager for my back. And with my lower back issues, it'll do me wonders! :heart: The one I'm using now, I pretty much wore it down and the leather is tearing apart. And I have some pillows that I'm sitting on, but I've flattened them down like a pancake orz... >>; But it'll be all good once I get that new chair! :D

Anyhow, this will probably be the last journal you'll see from me in while. But I will still be on DA. I just don't really have anything else to say now that I rarely post one nowadays unless it's a tag or a meme. But once I do get my new laptop, that's when I'll post another journal and reopen again for commissions.

Also, I would like to say that I have an appointment in 2 weeks with a special program that will help me look for a part time job rather than making money online. Of course I'm still going to do more art commissions in the future, but I also want to get a little more money outside in case cause sometimes I don't get in any at a certain season or with my stuff I still have for sale in my gallery. I'm just lucky I finally sold all my extra Pokemon cards not too long ago! So no more Pokemon... for now, hehe. ;P

Alrighty! That's about it! I've been saving most of my files and artwork in my external backup drive which is good. I use to save everything onto discs and have a lot of old works saved from years ago. Also if you wanna find me outside of DA, my Twitter is @AshliSmurf and my Facebook is here:…. And you can find me on Skype under the same name as my FB account. But please tell me who you are before you send me a friend request or Skype request so I know who you are. Half the requests I get from people I don't even know and just ignore them.

And for those still waiting upon their commissions and trades from me, don't worry! I still didn't forget you! Bye for now!!

Kisses!! ^ 3 ^



Stamps Galore!

:iconkokorox:Stamp - I'll always be a... by firstfearKid at Heart by savagebinn:iconkokorox:
:iconkittyglompplz:Kute kittens by prosaix:iconkittyglompplz:
This world is mine by L3xil3inI love Scottish Folds by WishmasterAlchemistOMG Cat Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx
Kiss the Iconist Stamp AT by HinachuuFor Kiss-the-Iconist by yumi-honamaruI give kisses to the Iconist by BurgerBunny
Hello Kitty Plushie Fan Stamp by WaterBlizzardI'm a Very Happy Girl -stamp- by Princess-Peachie

Stamp - Microsoft Paint User by porcelian-dollStamp - Mouse User by firstfearStamp - Photoshop User by firstfear

the smurfs by regenbogen-gedoptHave A Smurf Day by PsychoMonkeyShogunSmurfs stamp by JamiieDurbauree
Thats Freakin Smurf -stamp- by SassenSmurf Off by Yuki-OyuSmurfs:Smurf Hug Stamp by kiananuva12
Smurfs:Ashli Stamp by kiananuva12
High Four Stamp by Shini-SmurfSmurfs:Ashli Stamp 2 by kiananuva12
Hefty Smurf Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman:iconhandeftyplz:Handy Smurf Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Hefty Smurf Stamp by Shini-SmurfSmurfs:Handefty Stamp by kiananuva12Handy Smurf Stamp by Shini-Smurf
Chef Smurf Stamp by Shini-Smurf:iconblueheartplz:Baker Smurf Stamp by Shini-Smurf

Funny Word Stamp by DarkMythrilVajaja by SplitxMindxPlush
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I love fanservice stamp by blackstormGay Friends by Sweet-Nymph
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movies in 3d by MelissaTheHedgehogFucking bubbles by I-dont-wanna-tell
:Gay Rights: by Minty-HippoUnderage Deviants by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeCom - Pickles by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

I Support the EARTH by elicoronel16:Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster
i care about my friends by mintyyDay Dreamer Stamp by Sora05happiness by Dametora
this is me by DametoraLove Sees No Gender by SavvyRed
Anti-Twilight Stamp by Foxxie-ChanGrumpy Cat stamp by biiriStamp : I'm In Love... by Nylak

True Ninjas... by edloen2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBellTMNT by D3WABATE
Stamp Req : Ouuuuuh by wLadyB91Lovely Smile by renatalmarDrop it Low by Huai
Freaky Fred by Cathines-StampsDESTROY US ALL by ARTic-Weather:thumb132521633:
Gru's Evil Plan Stamp by the19thGinnySpongebob stamp pants by Messybun
.Stamp. The Land Before Time by KillMePleaseGodWalt Disney. by Z-a-r-tPuss in boots Stamp 4 by kaorinyaplz



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